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Our Background

It started, as most great alliances do, with a group of passionate individuals who identified a need and then resolved to fill it. The dedicated Obstetricians and Gynecologists affiliated with Woman's Hospital of Texas are committed to the well being of all aspects of their patients.

Breast complaints, including abnormal mammograms, account for a significant number of visits to the gynecologist. Most of these problems are not due to cancer and can be resolved by an experienced breast surgeon. However, at some point in their life, many women will require a breast biopsy and 1 of every 5 biopsies performed will reveal cancer.

Every year approximately 12,000 women in Texas are diagnosed with breast cancer and approximately 2,500 die of this disease. In response to the substantial number of women who have breast problems and for the comprehensive management of those found to have breast cancer, the Texas Women's Comprehensive Breast Center was established.

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